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Today’s blogshare is from prolific blogger, author and friend, Hugh Roberts’ – Hugh’s Views and News. Hugh always has some wonderful tips he shares with bloggers to get the most out of blogging. In this post he is offering 7 important tips for bloggers to grow your readership.



7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog



I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked how to generate more readers, comments and followers.

Make no mistake about it, with limited amounts of time, millions of other blogs to read, readers have a vast choice of not only which blogs to follow, but which posts to read and/or comment on.

Here are seven tips I have implemented as a blogger which have got me more readers, followers, and comments left on my posts.


Eyecatching Post Titles

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I don’t know about you, but I always look at the title of a blog post first before deciding whether to read it or not. The title of the post has to really grab my attention and make me want to click the link to open it. If the title has no appeal, then I move on. Take, for example, these two titles –


My Blogging Tips.


Why My Blogging Tips Will Bring You More Readers.


Given you only had the choice to click one of those titles, which one would you choose?

Think about it this way. What makes you click on a title of a blog post? What is it that makes you want to find out more? Make a list of the blog post titles you click on, and analyse the results. Look for keywords in the titles that are repeated continuously and which attract you to click on the link. Start creating blog post titles that you would want to click on.

And, heavens forbid, always ensure your blog posts have a title before publishing them. Nobody wants to see a blog post title that is just a line of numbers (that is what happens when no title has been added, and a post is then published), as it gives them no idea what the post is about.


Scheduling posts

Once you’ve got yourself some followers, you need to do all you can to keep them and ensure they keep coming back. You may have blog post titles that will have readers clicking on them, but overload your followers with too many blog posts in a short space of time, and you’ll probably have some of them running for the hills.

Scheduling blog posts, to ensure you have a large enough gap between every post, is something every blogger should consider. Did you know that WordPress condenses blog posts on the WordPress Reader? Publish too many blog posts within a short period of time, and your posts are condensed to allow content from other bloggers to show up. It isn’t a nice look, and many readers see this as ‘blog spamming.’


How much time should you leave between each newly published blog posts?

My advice is at least six hours. This is a broad enough gap to stop your readers seeing your posts as spammy. Plus, your posts are less likely to get condensed by WordPress. However, if you’re somebody that does lots of reblogging (and don’t forget to tell your readers why you’re reblogging a post), then a three-hour gap between reblogging posts is a good approach. . . Continue reading at Hugh’s



Source: 7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog – Hugh’s Views & News

23 thoughts on “7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog – Hugh’s Views & News

  1. Hi Debby – I’m off to Hugh’s … but posting every six hours … crumbs!: give me a break – I’m so relieved I post as I do: totally irregularly but usually once a week or so. It’s interesting this blogging lark … which I thoroughly enjoy – but all depends on the reason for it – cheers Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary. Hugh is a wealth of information when it comes to blogging. Certainly we can’t do everything, but there is definitely something for everyone that can be helpful. Enjoy my friend. 🙂 xx


  2. Great tips–I may know some of them, but it’s coming at a good time when I may actually try to put them to work building more readers. Beginning with reading and commenting more on the posts of others (the old 80-20 rule). 🙂


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