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We are the World Blogfest


It’s that time of month again when our group of #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest writers share a post about something good going on in the world to deflect from the negativity and highlight some of the goodness going on in the world.


Buy a bracelet, pull a pound of plastic. 4 Ocean is a project where two men went on a surfing trip to Bali and were astounded by the amount of plastic floating in the ocean. They began the project of selling 4 Ocean bracelets. For every bracelet sold, one pound of plastic is removed from the ocean. Please continue reading.


4 Ocean


O – Optimizing technology

C – Creating jobs

E – Education

A – Awareness

N – New global economies


“The story begins when Alex and Andrew take a surf trip…

to Bali Indonesia that would inevitably change their lives and the fate of the ocean. Devastated by the amount of plastic in the ocean, they set out to find out why no one was doing anything about it. One afternoon they came across an old fishing village where fishermen were literally pushing their boat through piles of plastic that had washed up on shore. The two surfers realized that the proliferation of plastic threatened both the ocean environment and the fishermen’s livelihood. Could the fishermen use their nets, they wondered, to pull the plastic from the ocean? This idea stuck with the 2 surfers and they knew it was time to hit the drawing board. After realizing that the demand for seafood was driving the fishermen to focus on fish instead of plastic, they knew they had to create something that could fund the desired cleanup efforts. This is how the 4ocean Bracelet was born.


Made from recycled materials, every bracelet purchased funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 2,290,962 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines.” Please visit the website HERE for more information.


You can also visit the page where you can ‘Buy a bracelet and pull a pound’ HERE


If you would like to take part in this worthy event, feel free to share a post of your own at the linkup HERE.


Hosts for this month’s WATWB are: Eric Lahti Inderpreet UppalShilpa GargPeter NenaDamyanti BiswasPlease link to them in your WATWB posts and go say hi!



Source: Our Story – 4ocean

38 thoughts on “We are the World Blogest – #WATWB – Our Story – 4ocean – Saving the Ocean One Pound at a Time

    1. Thanks Diana. Every little bit helps. 🙂 (P.S. I saw your message, I did get your comments!!!! Beware Mercury retrograde LOL. I would never ignore you LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ❤


  1. Great post Debby! We can each do out bit by collecting trash – wherever we are. There are such great initiatives in saving our oceans and coral reefs. Thank you for this post!


  2. I’m so happy to see this story! I first heard about 4Ocean on Instagram, and last Christmas I gave one of my daughters a “trash bracelet” in her stocking. She loves it! She wears it all the time and loves that it helps the environment, one pound at a time. She even wore the bracelet with a sparkly, fancy dress for her last sorority formal. 🙂


  3. I am grateful that there are people encouraging the clean up of plastic in our oceans, Debby. It is a very worrying thing.


  4. Thanks for sharing, Debby. I am familiar with the 4 ocean project and have a lot of respect for the organization. Nice new look of the blog, by the way. 🙂 I’ve not been getting any notifications of your replies for a while, or an email telling I subscribed to the comments of your post. Maybe that is fixed now as well. WordPress does weird things sometimes!


    1. Thanks for letting me know Liesbet. WP is definitely being affected by the Mercury Retrograde LOL. I’ve heard from a few that they aren’t receiving notifications from WP 😦 As for the emails notifications – wtf? 😦 Thanks for the kudos on my new blog look 🙂 x


  5. I love when people start projects like this to give back to the earth or to people in need. I think I see their sponsored ads come up on my IG feed, now I think about it. Such a great cause!


  6. Thank you. So inspiring and so needed. The oceans are in big trouble as are other water ways and air. Plastic, plastic everywhere, including in the organic food section of the grocery store and food coop.


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