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What’s in a Name short story – ‘E’ For Elaine – Shining Brightly | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

Reblogging is flattery

My friend and creative writer/blogger/author Sally Cronin has multiple series on the go she posts weekly on her blog. In one of her series she takes each letter from the alphabet and writes a story about a person’s name corresponding to the letter. I always enjoy reading all of Sally’s posts, as they all leave […]

How much is the Heart capable of holding?

Today's thoughts

Things we carry in the pocket of our heart: Love         – For all those in our life; past and present. Pain          – For everyone we know that are hurting. Hurt          – From all those who have slighted us along the way. Guilt          – Infliction by those closest to us. Joy             – From everyone and everything given to […]

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