Update: Blogging and Health and Wellness

Just a quick post to update. My hubby has just come home from hospital again, and a whirlwind has happened in this last stint.  My hubby was drained again and a port was inserted to start having homecare and nurse to come drain him at home as needed, it’s just too tough on him getting in and out of the car.


In the middle of madness I got jab one of the Astra Zeneca Covid vax, thanks to another compassionate medical secretary. I’d called my GP’s office for one thing, and got chatting with the secretary about the new opening in my age group for vaccines available in certain pharmacies across my city.  Well, I along with countless others were tying up the lines trying to book an appointment, and I gave up fighting the madness. The secretary told me she’d be happy to alleviate the madness and would get me booked. She asked which location I’d prefer, and ten minutes later called to tell me I was booked for the next day!  Apparently, they skipped an age group here, as they are still vaccinating the over 80 age group. I asked, what happened to the people in their 70s first, and I was told Astra Zeneca vaccine couldn’t be given to 65 and over and they would expire in April, so here I am, dose one injected and no follow up date yet for #2. I sure hope it’s sooner than later. I had the jab on Saturday and my left arm, shoulder, and up the left side of my neck and back are still sore. I hope that’s the worst of it as I have zero time to be sick. I’ve been reading around where many people say they get sicker after the 2nd jab. Can’t wait! (Sarcasm.)


As life is spinning for me at the moment, and until I can get a breath and sorted in new routine, my posts and my visits to other blogs may be limited and random. Gratefully, I do have some posts in draft, but anything newly creative is sleeping at the moment, as my life is in adjustment and denial as too many things sink in.

As I’d previously mentioned in my last post, I’m documenting this journey, and once I catch my breath, I’ll begin editing it and posting in a series about how I navigate the hospital system during cancer and Covid. Yes, my husband’s diagnosis is in, confirmed what I already knew in my soul, he has a primary and secondary cancer. Lots to process while working hard to keep his spirits up. And I must tend to his every need, which is my most absolute priority right now. The hospital has arranged nurses and doctors to come to the home. That is a blessing and easier for both of us.


Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. They are always most welcome and appreciated.




Don’t forget to find something to smile about everyday. Everyday is a gift.


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132 thoughts on “Update: Blogging and Health and Wellness

  1. I am happy to hear that you were given the o.k. Debby to bring your husband home. There were too many frustrations at the hospital for both of you. I am so sorry to hear of the cancer diagnosis though. It’s an awful word to process. There are, however, so many treatments and variations on treatments these days that bring good results; I’m sending positive thoughts that this will be the case. Thinking of both of you!!


  2. Oh Debby, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s cancer diagnosis. He is blessed to have you there with him. Please ask for help with caring for him when needed and remember to breathe. You have a lot on your shoulders and it must be so hard… Your love and caring nature are beautiful. Thinking of you xx


  3. Oh, my sweet Debby. I had to scroll way, way down to be able to post, which means you have lots of support here. I am so, so sorry you are going through this. My mother and my aunt died at an advanced age and my brother, unexpectedly, very young. But a husband is different, just as a soul-mate is different from any other relative.

    In all of this, you were able to get a vaccine, which may alleviate one wee concern. As I have mentioned before, you and Gordon are on my prayer card and I will continue to hold you before the throne of Grace.
    A big LONG HUG as you navigate these turbulent waters. ((( )))


    1. Hi Marian. Thank you so much again for your hugs and prayers. The more the merrier I always say, and I feel blessed to have you put us on your prayer card. Thank you so much. And you said it, as I always say every grief is significant to its loss. I’ve lost parents, relatives and friends, and each presented its own unique grief. This time I have no words. I’m not even digesting, I’m just going through the motions right now, doing what must be done. My grief bubbles within as there is no time for that now. Thank you. ❤


  4. Thanks for the update, and sorry to hear your nursing skills are so in demand. He’s lucky to have such a devoted wife and I hope he’ll get better soon.
    Hugs and much love from the island across the pond


  5. Oh dear Debby! I’m so sorry to hear about the cancer diagnosis. Like you, I had a feeling something terrible was up. I’m sending your hubby positive vibes right now and I hope you can both find something to smile about every day. Having you around, caring and loving him just lift his spirits somewhat. Good thing the doctors and nurses now come to your home. That must be a big relief, yet also confronting.

    I totally understand – like everyone else – that blogging should take a step back, but I also know you like to document and share what’s going on. Plus, you find comfort and support here to get you through these difficult times. It’s all about the right balance right now and we are all in your corner. Sending you both love and hugs! Xxx


    1. HI Liesbet. Thank you my friend for your love and wishes, and you said it – ‘confronting’. And yes, time is short now for my blogging ventures, but I’m still documenting, and I’m still trying to make it round to blogs I follow – but at a much slower pace. In the midst of madness, my onine friends are my sanity. ❤ xx


  6. A devastating diagnosis, Debby. Like everyone else I send my love and prayers and hope that you have some respite factored in to keep body and soul together. The exhaustion and emotional impact will already be making themselves felt and you should take refuge in anything that can make you smile or distract you. Wishing there was something more that I could do but I’m aware that the brunt of this falls on you and I can only hope that knowing how much you’re loved by everyone here brings some kind of comfort. ❤


    1. Trish, you are lovely. Thanks for all the encouragement my friend. I’m stealing my moments visiting blogs, and that is my connection to my sanity right now for sure. All my wonderful far away friends keep me smiling. Thank you for your lovely message. Hugs ❤ xx


  7. I was so sorry to learn of your husband’s cancer, Debby. Soemtimes there are no words to express or feelings – sending you both much love.


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