Latest #Podcast is Live Now on #Youtube – Honoring our Lost Loved Ones on Holidays and Special Dates

In my holiday podcast at Grief the Real Talk, episode 5, I talk about some of things we can do to help us who have lost a loved one, honor our loved one in remembrance, and to make us feel a little closer to them and their spirit on those more difficult dates and anniversaries.



You can also find my podcasts on Soundcloud

Love and light.


24 thoughts on “Latest #Podcast is Live Now on #Youtube – Honoring our Lost Loved Ones on Holidays and Special Dates

    1. Thanks Stevie. I do believe we all have our own traditions and special ways to live the holidays. For me, and for many others, I feel closer to my husband when I’m acknlowdging his place in my life. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Rebecca. I know every griever has their own individual way of honoring their loved one, but I wanted to offer what helps me. I hope it helps others.
      Happy holidays my friend. Hugs ❤

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  1. Hi Debbie – I’m sure these thoughts will help so many … now and at all times. Take care – be at peace with your thoughts … cheers Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary. Thank you for your kind wishes. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and all good things, health, and happiness for the new year and forward. Holiday hugs ❤


  2. Your words dear Debby I know will bring comfort to many and Christmas I know is especially hard.. I know my now departed Aunt, who lost her hubby before their retirement years, never again celebrated Christmas with decorations.. In fact she donated them all away.. Such was her grief…
    Sending LOVE and special blessings..
    Oh and Debby I did see your book promotions whether it was here or somewhere else.. I did comment on how pleased I was it was at last finished and in print..
    Sending you lots of love my friend.. I have been busy creating things for Christmas give away lol.. and so my time has been very limited in recent weeks..

    I also have a poorly sister who has been in need.. So, my friend… I will be thinking of you over Christmas.. I know it will never ever be the same again..
    But I also know your late Hubby would want you to laugh and smile and enjoy…. So Have a Joyous Christmas.. and Here’s to better and brighter and Happier tomorrows… ❤
    Much love Sue xxx ❤


    1. Sue, thank you so much for your beautiful words and sentiment, and your kudos for my book. Thank you for all your wonderful insights and your love and light you offer so generously throughout the year. I will add your sister in my circle of prayers. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas filled with love and joy, and may the New Year be better for us all. Hugs and love flying your way. ❤ xoxo

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      1. Bless you for that dearest Debby… She is in need… After all she has been through in life she now has Leukaemia … Sending LOVE my friend and I so thank you for your prayers for her..
        much love and gratitude.. ❤


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