Turning Off The Noise- Writing


Getting back to writing……..ahhh. This is where I belong; back in my element. No computer, no phones, leaving aside the publishing work for a day………I got to write. I hadn’t worked on my second book for almost two weeks and found it calling out to me for days as the urge to get my pen back on paper was trumping my urgency to prepare for my first book’s publication. I know that every writer has their own style of how to organize their time and work. I know, I know, we must write everyday! But as the time comes closer to meeting my deadlines for November publication of Conflicted Hearts, my days and nights are all consumed with it.

Today was my ‘writer’s play day’. It was a glorious feeling to push everything else aside and just WRITE. The words never failed me, they continued to spill. I wrote a new chapter, three blog posts and an ode to my upcoming book. Oh how gratifying to know that I can still write, the clarity was there. If anything, the break had re-enforced my writing with lightning speed. These are the moments as writer’s, we dream of, as we create with no blocks to hinder our craft.

Total accomplishments for the day: Five hours writing = 3 blog posts, 3000 words for my book, one ode – priceless. A stellar day! Tomorrow, back to publishing!