Simple Things

Today's thought

A smile to light up the soul

A song to enlighten our memories

A sunny day to help see the light

Blooming flowers to remind us of nature’s beauty

Words, ‘I love you’ to remind you, you’re special

A gentle touch from someone to show they care

Your birthday, in celebration that you are still living

Waking up each morning, another day of life granted

Milestones, in celebration of a great moment

Thank you, expressing appreciation

Sharing, for all you receive to pay it forward.


©D.G. Kaye -2013



10 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Reasons to get up in the morning, Debby. At least that’s my take. I want to practice the “path of gratitude”–all spiritual traditions remember to give thanks. If I keep watching, there are always gifts even at the lousiest times, a nurse’s gentle caress and warmed blanket in the chemotherapy room, the doctor’s grief, most everyone’s desire to soften suffering, I noticed the small things, simple things, and it got me through.


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