Christmas Remembrance




Christmas in the air,

A time of year when everything we’ve observed throughout prior months take on a deeper prevalence,

A time to care.


We hear about people dying, starving, homeless or sick,

Yet in this season, we become so much more aware of the world’s woes and the clock’s tick.


Is it because of the requests for donations, for the causes flooding in?

Is it the sentiments of the human heart ignited by the watching of a heartfelt Christmas movie?

Or is it the nearing of yet another year, when we take stock of our lives and reminisce over all we’ve endured?


Many people feel sad at Christmas, and I too have stepped into those moments of melancholy reverberations,

At family gatherings while my thoughts diverted to the loved ones no longer here on earth to partake in family celebrations.


Some of us place at the table, an extra chair,

Or a place card in remembrance of one who is no longer there.


Feeling joyful at Christmas gatherings, still affords me a tear,

A mere guest, bringing with her, her own memories of loved ones lost through the years.


I don’t pull up an extra chair to bridge the sense of feeling apart,

My feelings of loss are kept on those place cards,  buried deep in my heart.


D.G. Kaye ©2014

15 thoughts on “Christmas Remembrance

  1. @”Feeling joyful at Christmas gatherings, still affords me a tear…” – I totally and deeply understand you, Debby… my both parents(RIP) were born on Dec 25th and after they passed-away, X-mas day has become another December day…(we’ve been often away from home during the X-mas week…)
    * * *
    my very best and HHH = huge heartfelt hugs…


    1. Thanks for sharing that Melanie. Wow, what are the odds that both your parents not only shared the same birthday, but Christmas day. 🙂 Peace to you.


  2. Christmas is really a time for being close to those we love, A time to remember those we’ve lost along the way and those we’ve gained.It can be a sad time and lonely time for many. Maybe not lonely physically but lonely in their hearts. There’s a lot of pressure to spend Christmas the way society dictates with all the trimmings, gifting, Ho-Ho-Ho and play the game of pretend we are joyful.
    This year I just want to spend Christmas day with my brother and his boys going out for Chinese food without feeling guilty that I should be spending it slaving over an oven.
    Joy to you and your family however you wish to spend it. 🙂


    1. Good for you Carol! That’s how it should be; doing what makes us happy and comfortable without conforming to what society says must be. Life is very short, we learn each passing day. Do what makes us happy, and spend time with those who fulfill our hearts and our minds. Wishing you happiness and health in the coming year and always. ❤ P.S. Just started your new book, I hated putting it down! 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this, Debby. I feel like a ping pong ball during the season, vascillating between happy, sad, and stressed. It’s especially tough this year with the intense suffering in the world and the vile narratives happening on the political scene. It’s good to remember that this is a time of love filled with cherished memories as well. 🙂


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