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Self Publisher’s Legal Handbook

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A few years ago, I made the acquaintance of author and business attorney, Helen Sedwick.


I began following Helen’s blog through various articles that were republished by The Bookdesigner in his weekly newsletter I subscribe to that is always full of great up-to-date information shared by other authors and social media experts.


Helen published her Legal Handbook 2 years ago, and happened to be running a KDP promo one day, but I somehow wasn’t able to download it. I contacted Helen to ask her if she had any other readers having the same issue. She was very kind and not only apologetic, but she asked for my mailing address and sent me each a signed print copy of that book and a copy of her highly rated, IndieBrag Medallion Honoree historical novel, Coyote Winds. I was touched by her kindness.


Fast forward to over a year later, I finally got to read Helen’s Legal Handbook and was elated with the amount of useful tips and information in that book.

My Review:


This is a book I’d highly recommend for every writer, published or not, to keep handy at your desk as a reference guide to legal issues which can arise simply by having an online presence. As part of the book making process, this book has detailed chapters on things like: setting up your author business, marketing and distribution, business tax preparation, reading the fine print in contracts, copyright laws, and much more.


Bloggers and writers alike will learn the legal ramifications of knowing your rights regarding infringement issues, legalese terms, practical advice to learn about marketing scammers, and other things such as why it’s important for authors to purchase and own their own ISBN numbers.


There is also bonus material at the end of the book. Lots of resources and links for self publishers from copyright and helpful government websites, to recommended blogs to follow for ongoing information on the publishing world. This book should be considered an important writer’s tool.



20 thoughts on “Book Review – Self Publisher’s Legal Handbook – Helen Sedwick

    1. You’re welcome Tess. No, it’ U.S. law, but the great thing about that is even as Canadian writers and bloggers, much of what we do in publishing, or anything to do with copyright can involve us because our blogs and most plugins and other things we use on them are US based. And self publishing with Amazon is US based, so much of the info applies to us using US products. πŸ™‚


  1. Thank you Debbie.. I guess we so easily forget that our Hobbies within blog land can also cause serious issues if rules are not adhered to.. This looks a great book to have on all of our blogging shelves..
    Many thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
    Sue xxx


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