Final Book Review 2016 – P.S. I Forgive You -by Judith Barrow

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Wrapping up the year of reviews, I just came across this wonderful review on the blog of Judith Barrow. I was delighted to find that Judith had read and reviewed my latest book, P.S. I Forgive You.



My Review:


When I reviewed  D. G Kaye’s Conflicted Hearts ( I wrote “I laughed and cried with D.G.Kaye and finally, applauded her. A wonderful book from a woman of great strength.” On reading P.S I Forgive You  I can only reiterate those words yet also add that the author reveals a great wisdom in the acceptance and forgiveness for what she endured in the past (none of which she could control). Her words show an inner peace that many of us, who have been in the same circumstances, may never reach.

There is such honesty  in D. G Kaye’s writing.   P.S I Forgive You  is threaded through with sorrow. But it’s not a self-serving or selfish sadness, it’s a  lament for a parent who never had any self awareness, who never grew away from that belief we all have as a child; that the world revolves around us. Over riding all that this is an account that reveals understanding and compassion for the author’s mother.

This is an empowering book; a must read for anyone trying to make peace with their past in an effort to making the most of the future. . .Continue Reading 

Source: My Review of P.S. I Forgive You: A Broken Legacy by D.G. Kaye | Judith Barrow

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