Sunday Book Review – Understanding – An Anthology of True and Significant Life Events

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. This week I’d like to share my own review for the book Understanding, which I’m thrilled to have taken part in with 19 other authors, compiled by Stevie Turner. This book is filled with moving events shared by these authors with answers to Stevie’s questions pertaining to each author’s experiences.





The following authors and bloggers kindly answered questions posed by Stevie Turner regarding significant life experiences they had undergone. These events include sexual abuse, a near death experience, alcoholism, being diagnosed with cancer, depression, losing weight, getting married, being a mother to many children, being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, and many more!

All proceeds will go to Cancer Research.

Thanks to:
Alienora Browning
Sally Cronin
Dorinda Duclos
Scarlett Flame
Bernard Foong
Darlene Foster
Janet Gogerty
Debbie Harris
Lucy V. Hay
Miriam Hurdle
Phil Huston
Pamela Jessen
D.G Kaye
Lynda McKinney Lambert
Jaye Marie
Clive Pilcher
Abbie Johnson Taylor
Beem Weeks


My 5 Star Review:

This anthology takes us into the lives and perspectives of some talented authors with a personal sharing of some of their life’s traumatic events, all on various topics from overcoming addictions, sexual abuse, losing weight and keep it off, near death experience, to living with a narcissist and more!

These stories are a raw and sincere telling about how these authors found themselves in these situations and how they triumphed on overcoming their situations. There is so much in these stories that readers will no doubt find themselves relating to some of these experiences, and can hopefully take the positive from to practice in their own lives. The stories are told in response to author Stevie Turner’s questions which delve deeply into each author’s personal situation. And all proceeds from sales going to cancer research, a worthy cause to contribute to.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Understanding – An Anthology of True and Significant Life Events

    1. It’s always that much more fun to read non fiction and learn about our writing friends on what events in life led them to writing too. 🙂 x


  1. Hi Debby – it looks to be an exceptional anthology … giving us an insight into many bits of life – while at the same time teaching us a lot – congratulations to one and all … cheers Hilary


  2. What a great idea for a book. It sounds poignant, emotional and full of insights. How fun, too, to know so many of the writers. Wonderful review, Debby. ❤ And congrats on being a part of it!


  3. A very worthy cause and a great project by a group of talented and brave writers willing to share some of the experiences that have shaped their lives. I hope the collection keeps doing well and gets all the attention it deserves. Congratulations to Stevie and to everybody involved and thanks for sharing this review, Debby.


  4. Debby, a hugely emotional yet inspirational book, I imagine and especially fascinating as so many of the writers are known to me through blogging. How fantastic that the proceeds go to charity – hope it does extra well in sales!


  5. Wonderful, Debby! The review and the fact that you are part of this honest and touching anthology! Kudos, kudos, kudos. Have a fantastic weekend ahead.


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