Goodbye my Friend – In Memorium

In memorium to my brother-in-law ‘Bill’ – William Gies who left a void September 13, 2022 – a legend in his time.

Rest in peace my lovely brother-in-law. I will miss our conversations, and your checking up on me every few weeks as a dutiful brother-in-law and friend, and all the laughter we shared for years in our monthly card club get togethers, parties, picnics, and Christmases in those so very golden days.


77 thoughts on “Goodbye my Friend – In Memorium

    1. Thank you so much Pete. No, I didn’t speak a lot about my husbands 3 brothers who were close knit brothers. In fact, besides my one brother, out of my own 3 siblings, my brother-in-laws are, and were, the only family I now have left. They have been the ones calling and checking up on me and keeping me in the loop as they all live about an hour and a half west of me where my husband originally came from. They loved family card games and are all quite competitive. My husband hated to lose, lol, and Bill loved to dig him when he did lose a game. Bill was quite the character and the eldest of 11. He never looked his age (or acted it), always the jokester. He’d been undergoing immunotherapy treatment these past few years for bladder cancer, and ironically didn’t die from that, but his heart gave out. 😦

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  1. Hi Debbie – another loss … I feel for you – particularly as they appear to have been your strengths recently … my thoughts – take care – Hilary

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  2. So sorry for your loss, Debby. It is proving a hard season, as you had anticipated. As Robbie says, it is particularly sad to see such a loving man, especially one so closely linked to your husband, go. Thinking of you and the whole family. Big hugs.

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  3. It sounds like the first thing they’ll do is have a game of cards. That’s a wonderful image. Now they are talking about you, sharing memories of days gone by.

    I’m sorry for your loss. Seek solice in the memories.


  4. I’m very sorry for your loss, Debby. This was a beautiful tribute to him and the place he held in your heart. I’m glad he and your husband are together again. ❤


  5. Seems like we are getting up into that age where more and more of our friends and family have health issues. So sorry for your loss, Debby. It’s a wake-up call for all of us to appreciate our friends and family while we have them.


  6. Oh, Deb, I share in your grief, for I know what a bright light Bill was in your life. I’m sure George met him at the threshold, cards in hand. And there is some comfort in that. Holding you with love in my heart, sister ❤️💜

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