Technical Update – #WordPress – #Microsoft Hijacked my Laptop

Hello blogging friends, I just wanted to share my grievance with you. As many of you who visit here know, I try to read as many blogs as I can fit in every evening. I’m having a temporary problem with blogs these days – with ‘liking’, some sharing, and some to even write a comment. It seems the full moon once again has caused me SEVERAL  technical issues. Here’s the lowdown:

Early last week, my beloved Windows Surface finally stopped playing nice with me. Thanks to the hijacker Microsoft hijacking my laptop into forced updates that wouldn’t fit in my disk space left, and TOTALLY IGNORING the 50 gigs I have available on micro SD card, the gears wouldn’t stop spinning and wouldn’t even turn off. It’s been giving me trouble for a few months now and I’d been trying to hold out for end of August school sale prices to purchase another. So in the meantime, I pulled out another old Asus laptop I had and planned to use that until end of August. But after 2 days of using that one, I got the black screen of death and toasted that one too.

On Friday, after Thursday night’s blowout, I started my search for a new laptop (again the new Surface), only to find they were sold out everywhere in various stores in my vicinity, so I had no choice but to order online (grateful to find it on sale too) and have it delivered (usually a 2-day deal), and was told it would be delivered August 5th. This came as no surprise to me seeing as every store is sold out, which I attribute to Covid and moms and teachers buying up better quality computers, as well as students, seeing as this is the only way to stay connected to loved ones and the world and reliability with a better machine.

So, plan C while waiting is to work on my very old Dell desktop, which has given me nothing but grief. It doesn’t recognize any passwords, takes 5 minutes to load a page, and the grief goes on. This desktop also does not play nice with WordPress. I’ve lost the ability to ‘like’ your posts, and in some cases, I can’t use the share buttons, and for some self-hosted and WP premium plan blogs, I can’t even comment and I can’t retrieve notifications unless I go to someone else’s blog and click on the WP reader. I also have a tablet which I try to use in the evenings so I’m not secluded from the TV at night and it seems my tablet is possessed and turns on and off at random will and won’t load some blogs. OYE!

This desktop clunker is a back-breaker for me to sit at all day too. And don’t even get me started as I’m in the middle of revisions for my newest book and this clunker has an old version of Word on it that chooses to screw up my documents. I’m trying my best to use the old version to write posts on, but I don’t dare ruin my manuscript, so once again, I cannot work on my book until the new laptop arrives.

Out of curiosity, I emailed support to find out the exact day of delivery, as I discovered in fine print that my laptop will be delivered between August 5th an 14th!!!! I emailed them to beg for early release and was told it won’t be sent til August 14th!!!!! So I am screwed! Personally, I don’t even think this clunker will live that long. So I wanted to give you all a heads up in case you think I’ve abandoned your blogs, or I’m not reading them because you may see no likes or comment. Some of you have mentioned to me that you too were having problems commenting on my posts. For this I am sorry. I have done my best to fix what I can, but because my machine is acting prehistoric, I’m out of ammo. So please bear with me and know, if you don’t see me, I’m still around.

I think as an empath, and as my Fey sister Colleen Chesebro refers to me as an ‘energy witch’, I’m accumulating wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much technical energy. What I really need is a technical break, and if this desktop dies out on me, that’s what I’ll be doing. Ironically, my trusted mobile phone still allows me to be on FB (hope I don’t curse it).

So, just know, I’m still here and fighting the tech gods daily. Thanks for putting up with craziness you may encounter on my blog.




The Day My Website Crashed – What Happened? Beware WordPress Plugin Updates

Real talk


Friday September 1st was a terrible day for me. It was one of those days when “Murphy” just keeps giving the gift that just keeps giving – Murphy’s Law = Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It began with my website crashing and got progressively worse as the day went on in other aspects. But for today we’re going to stick to the website crashing and hopefully, how none of you will have to endure this.


After I finished writing and saving in draft my posts for next the upcoming week’s blog posts, I obeyed the WordPress plugin notification which clearly stated that ‘This plugin is compatible with your latest version of WordPress’, click to update. BUT IT WAS NOT! Just to re-iterate a bit about plugins, we have to constantly update them when we get notifications to do so for security purposes. The creators of plugins inform us about current updates to their plugins because they usually have removed security bug issues and various other things in their code to make the plugin up-to-date and more effective. Not updating could leave your site vulnerable to spam and hackers – especially when it’s the ‘CAPTCHA’ update where you have to prove you’re a human.

I hit the update and seconds later, I was looking at a white screen (known as the screen of death) with a message stating: This page is no longer available – Error Code 500. I waited a few minutes, praying it would sort itself out while intermittently attempting to re-login to my website via my admin signin and as a visitor to no avail. I then went over to Google to look up the error code and it said that this could mean a problem with your webhosting. And so the journey began.

I’m no tech expert, but I’m well aware that if a plugin isn’t compatible with your site it can create havoc. The protocol is to go into your plugins and de-activate each one, one at a time to see if it corrects the problem. The problem was, I couldn’t even get into my website to try this process of elimination, knowing full well it was that Captcha plugin update that created my WordPress hell.

I realized it was time to call my webhosting service, Godaddy to seek help. After wasting almost an hour between wait times and the unhelpful information I received, I was left in limbo. The rep explained to me that they won’t help out with plugin issues but for $80 US ($100 Canadian) they would put me on to a ‘special’ support where a web tech could resolve my issue. I gasped. I then asked what my option was, what can I do, while spewing a few expletives in my anger that I pay them to host and manage my WordPress site along with many other features annually, and offered my distaste for their lack of help from their own techs. I was given the option that they would email me directions to get into the admin of my blog through their site then through my account.

I read the email and followed the many prompts until I came to a page full of code which didn’t get me to the plugin options as promised and knew I’d better stop there before I lost my blog post history completely. Then I called back. I spoke to another tech and started from scratch with my problem and went over the instructions sent by the first rep, telling him where I left off because I felt it was dangerous for me to continue. He advised me I was right not to touch anything there and that the first rep should never have sent me those instructions if I wasn’t a webmaster! This brought me back to my question – What am I to do? I couldn’t get into my site, nor could any visitors.

The rep reiterated that offer to pay $80 US so they could farm out a support ticket to one of their webmasters. At that point 3 hours had passed and I felt cornered and very agitated knowing my website was closed, so I caved. I told the rep, “Fine! I’ll pay the damn $80, just get me back into my site.” He responded by telling me he’ll set up the ticket and someone will fix my site within 72 HOURS!!!! Needless to say, I freaked out! I told him there’s no way my site is getting closed down for possibly 3 days! I asked him for another option. He told me the only other thing I could do, through his instruction and going through their site to my account and so forth, was I could restore my blog to an earlier time and anything I worked on after that time would be lost. I figured I’d bite the bullet and lose all my previous work I’d just worked on that day and restore back to Thursday night.

After I restored back to August 31st, I lost the future posts I had in draft, and consequently, also lost all my published posts since last Sunday August 27th. I was livid, especially since Tuesday’s post was a guest post by the KIndlepreneur. At that point, I put up a quick post alerting my readers my site had crashed and spent almost 2 hours putting back together a new post of the Kindlepreneur guest post, trying to replicate it with all the links I had to go back and find to put together. I couldn’t stomach doing anymore after that and shut down the computer for the rest of the day and night in disgust at all the work I had to recreate, which I’d done ahead of time to allow me to focus on my book revisions for the rest of the week. The plugin notification was still alerting me to update as my blog was restored from an earlier date, so it was as though I never did the update. I left it flashing.

The next day I spent re-creating posts for this week and de-activated that plugin and searched for a replacement plugin under the plugin menu in my dashboard to protect my site.


About Plugins

All plugins will require updates every so often and we’ll get those notifications from the web creators, sent into our update notifications in our dashboards. Where the updates are offered there are also clickable links where you can read more about the plugin, see the rating by other users, read cautions about it, and read actual reviews by users to find out potential problems they had with the same plugin. This is my usual practice I do before installing a new plugin. But the Captcha plugin I used before was the original one I’ve used for years, and even with the statement that came with the update, informing that it was compatible, it wasn’t. Clicking on the info links about it weren’t helpful either and when I clicked on the ‘one star reviews’ I’d seen many complaints similar to my mine from the other users. I deleted it. I chose a new Captcha plugin and downloaded it. I read the ratings and reviews and didn’t see any complaints from users to I took a chance.

About taking a chance: The scary part about plugins is that they don’t always play nice with our site. Even after being informed that my former plugin was compatible, it was not. I had asked the Godaddy rep about the misleading information and his reply was, “It’s a gamble.” This is not very re-assuring for us bloggers so we have to do our own due diligence when installing or updating on our blogs. Unless we are webmaster savvy, we’re bound to run into a glitch every now and then.


Final Thoughts

There are no guarantees that a plugin will work properly on our sites. This is why if we’re having problems with something not working, we’re advised to de-activate each plugin one at a time to find the culprit so we can delete it and find an alternative.

My advice would be to check out the reviews and comments before updating plugins on your blogs, despite the approval warning that comes with the update stating it’s compatible, because it isn’t always. I know I’ll be doing this in the future.

Remember, there’s always an option to restore your blog to an earlier date to ‘Get out of WordPress Jail’, but be prepared to lose any input you’ve done after the rollback date. Although I only rolled back to the day before, it helped itself to rolling back almost a week. I’m not sure if that was yet another glitch or what it was, but it did.

In future, I’m not going to update anything on a day where I’ve created new posts. I’ll let the update sit for a day or two when I haven’t posted anything in case I have to restore again.

Make sure you are all having your blogs backed up daily! If I wasn’t doing that I may have lost everything! My blog is backed up nightly by my webhosting that’s why I was able to restore from an earlier date and that’s why I lost everything I entered prior to clicking on the update that wasn’t backed up the night before yet. But I’m still puzzled as to why when I clicked back up to August 31st, the day before the crash, I lost work from August 28th on. This makes me wonder if my hosting hadn’t backed up since August 27th. And you can be sure I will be checking that out! If you’re not sure about how to back up your blogs, please read this helpful article about it from Hugh Roberts.


I hope you people never have to go through this nightmare. And sadly, if you do encounter this, I at least  hope what I’ve shared will help you.


I’d also like to thank the so many friends and readers who saw my cry of distraught on Facebook and have come back to share my recreated posts. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without my wonderful community of writing friends. ❤


#!%^& My Website Crashed Today!



Just a note to let you know that any links to all the posts I’ve done since Tuesday August29th are DEAD!!!!!


My website crashed today, Friday Sept. 1 and my Tuesday Post with Dave Chesson is dead, my Friday post with Diana Peach is dead and all future posts I had in draft are DEAD!


I am going to try and rewrite all of those posts throughout the weekend so please don’t be overwhelmed if you see The Tuesday and Friday post reposted on one day. And Pleaseeeeeeee if you visit them reshare them on social media again.


Word of warning DO NOT UPDATE THE CAPTCHA PLUGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you,

signed DISTRAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!