Writer’s Tips – Best Book Promo Sites, Book Design, Writing Exercises and More!

Welcome to this month’s edition of Writer’s Tips with a great list of book promo sites, Writing exercises, How to pitch the media, How to choose a book narrator, Designing your book covers and more!


Best sites for Book Promotion by David Gaughran

Source: Best Book Promo Sites in 2020 | Sell More Books | David Gaughran


24 Fantastic writing ideas to get the creativity flowing

24 of the Best Writing Exercises to Become a Better Writer


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My friend Doris Heilmann of 111 Publishing is sharing secrets from editors about how they want to be pitched and what makes them choose accept or reject

How the Media Wants to be Pitched



Also by Doris Heilmann, what you need to know about narrating your own audio books.

DIY Narrating and Audiobook Production



Nicholas Rossis shares the Kindlepreneur’s instruction on how to make a book cover



Authors Publish featuring 8 pieces of writing advice from some of the legends

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4 Top Tips For #Self-Publishing Your First Book With @Pokercubster | Sacha Black

Self pub tips

Hey guys and gals, I’m guest hosting over at Sacha Black’s blog today. Sacha is overworked getting her new book ready for publication and has taken off on a leisurely long weekend to Paris for a girl time, something I could use badly! So Sacha had invited me to write a post and guest host in her absence. I’m talking about building an author platform and some important self publishing tips.


Have a read below and then click on the link to continue reading at Sacha’s place. I’ll also be turning comments off here so you can leave them at Sacha’s blog.


Writers have a shit load of decisions to make:

Who to kill today, knife em or hang em, daily word count totals, book prices, whether to drown your book blurbing sorrows with vodka or wine… the list goes on.

But one of the biggest of all decisions of all is whether you’re going to run the rat race to traditional publishing, or  push the shiny red button yourself and claim the indie badge.

I made my decision. My blood runs thick with indie colours.

Publishers have their place, I’ll never see my books in a store *weeps* but that sure as shit ain’t enough of a reason for me to go begging book in hand to their doorstep.

Maybe there will come a time when I might need them and I’ll wander up tail between my word covered thighs. But I haven’t slaved over my book for two sodding years, only to be told what cover I’m having, or when I can market or change the price or a myriad other things that would piss me off and I certainly ain’t accepting the 79p pittance for a book sale.

When this goes live, I’ll be in Paris, so your comments might be delayed in appearing.

Today’s lovely guest is the gorgeous and totally glam, Debby. Someone who has become a dear friend to me through the blogging world and one I truly hope to meet her.

Debby is a self-published author who has taught me more than a thing or two over the time I’ve known her. Today she’s giving us top tips on self-publishing. CONTINUE READING HERE

Source: 4 Top Tips For Self-Publishing Your First Book With @Poker cubster | Sacha Black

Have Bags, Will Travel #Book #Cover Reveal


After a long, busy summer dealing with many setbacks while trying to work on the publication of my newest short stories book of travel memoirs, I’m happy to announce that it will be published by month’s end.


This book went through various changes and delays through these past months due to some unforeseen life curveballs thrown at me, and I’d like two thank a few people for their assistance.

I say thanks to my editor Talia Leduc, and cover designer Yvonne Less for putting up with my many delays I caused from not staying within promised timelines during the editing process and the designing of my cover input. I am blessed to have developed a great rapport with these people who help make my books happen, along with my print book designer and ebook formatter. I also want to give a shout out to two of my gal pal author friends Deborah Bowman and Deborah Jay for their input and feedback, and for taking the time to read my manuscript, and to comment back their opinions on my dilemmas, and book cover. Ironically, we are the three redhead Deborah authors.

Have Bags, Will Travel is a reminiscing of short stories about some of the places I’ve traveled to, my obsessive need to travel with too much luggage, and my ongoing concern with clearing customs on my return trips home because of my never-ending love affair with shoes.  It’s a light-hearted read, sure to bring a smile or two, and most definitely, it will have some relating to, if not, learning from some of my encounters.

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