NEWSFLASH – Important Information


It’s come to my attention that after two years, my old blog on was on a site re-direct and supposed to be deleted when I opened this self-hosted blog almost two years ago.


I noticed I was getting new followers, and some of the email alerts informing me of new followers were through my old site I wanted to inform my readers that I have finally resolved that issue and that blog page is no longer valid.

For those of you who enjoy following my blog, I’m not even sure it will come up on the wordpress reader anymore, so please subscribe to ‘Follow This Blog’ right here on this page at the right-hand sidebar if you wish to continue reading my posts.

Thanks so much for following me, and I hope I don’t lose any of you because of this. So to ensure we don’t lose touch, don’t forget to subscribe to my posts before you leave.

Thanks so much!

18 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH – Important Information

    1. Thank you for letting me know that Alex. I’ll know better by the next post if it shall remain that way since I put up the post before I administered the final deletion steps to the old blog where many of my followers were being redirected from. I’d be delighted if you would let me know in a few days if you will see a new post on the reader (Tuesday) then I’ll know that they are still showing up for sure. Thanks again Alex. πŸ™‚


    1. Marian, thanks for being a sweetheart. I saw your first post and was going to respond that if you were already subscribed, it would let you know that. But I couldn’t remember who had subscribed through post, and how has been following through the reader, because that old site from is now FINALLY deleted, and I was informed that anyone coming to it wouldn’t be redirected here to my actual blog. So confusing, so thanks again. ❀


  1. Hi Deb, I pressed the link of your Gavatar that sent me to the deleted blog message via wordpress.
    I clicked the link you left me and it brought me here..
    I re-subscribed in your email listing, I must be following you from there, as it generated a message saying I was already subscribed πŸ™‚

    I usually follow your updates from my email lists, so we are still in touch..

    But I would get your gavatar link looked at.. unless it has changed since you posted your comment upon my post.

    Sorry you have been having such problems..


    1. Oh thanks so much Sue for letting me know about the wrong link to Gravatar. Sheesh, I’ve had so many problem with that Gravatar. Now I shall pop back over there and investigate once again. And thanks for being a pal and trying to resubscribe. I thought you had, but wasn’t sure. At least it informs you that you’ve already subscribed so there’s no duplicates; something I’d been getting a lot of recently no doubt, again, from wordpress, lol. xo


    1. Thanks a lot for testing it Di! And BTW, did you get my pingback from my post on ‘Free EIN’? I referenced your post from awhile ago and added the link in my post. πŸ™‚


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