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Sally Cronin

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sally Cronin, you should check out her blog . Sally has a diverse blog and is well known in the blogosphere. She is educated in health and nutrition and has written several books. Sally also reblogs so many wonderful blogs of others on a regular basis, […]

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: What Happens to Your Blog when You Die? Why You Need to Appoint a Social Media Executor NOW


I love following the blog of Anne R. Allen. Anne is an author, and a well-known blogger for sharing up-to-date tips and helpful articles for writers on what’s current in the publishing world.   I thought it was important to share this post because it raises a question about what happens to a writer’s works […]

Author Interrupted


They say, ” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. After these past few months, I’m thinking I should be made of kryptonite by now.   This has certainly been one summer that has passed me by. I’m not sure if it’s the planets colliding, or that ‘Murphy’ hasn’t hopped on my shoulder, but certainly some […]

7 Vital Website Ingredients for Authors AND Editors | @Belinda_Pollard


  Here’s some insight from my friend and author Belinda Pollard. Belinda writes a lot about the publishing industry, and shares some great information here on revamping her website. We all know that WordPress can sometimes be tricky at times, so perhaps Belinda’s experience may be helpful to some.   “I was recently forced into changing […]

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