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[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]   I’m sharing another great article from the talented Kristen Lamb’s blog. In this article Kristen writes about some of the pitfalls self-published authors can tend to fall into. She expresses the caveats of publishing too soon, understanding the business and over-shopping your books. Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors | Kristen Lambs Blog.

Live Your Dreams

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[URL=][IMG]   I’ll tell you, it’s getting frightening already, hearing about so many people dying, left, right and young! I don’t know what this damn phenomena is about, so many people dying at precarious young ages from horrible illness. Just the other day I told my husband that it is almost like a lottery for […]

Book Reviews and Ratings

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[URL=][IMG]   Becoming a self-published author involves a myriad of tasks beyond just writing. First and foremost is to continue writing and in between that time, we have to establish our presence on social media in order to build a following. We want to attract people who share an interest in what we write about, as we introduce […]

Read the Fine Print!

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[URL= 20Consortium/Contract%20Images/79c4b9ef.jpg.html][IMG][/IMG][/URL]   I wanted to write a post to stress the importance of reading all the details before signing up for any promotions, products, services and booking vacations. Most of us take it for granted that whatever it is we are signing for is exactly what we expect it to be. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]   For example, […]

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